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a. Firstly make us know your tasks and requests in detail, you can contact us by email (our email:,by QQ (qq: 2411455585 or qq: 1497247775),or by phone : 86(0) 10 56330744

b. After we get your information, we will confirm your tasks immediately ,then a plan established by us will be sent to you on our technology ,process, offer ,service period and so on.

c. If our offer gets your agreement, the contract will be signed between us and one team are responsible for it ,especially .

d. Payment terms: Usually, we need to receive the 30% advance payment from you before we set up our project .

e. Project tracing: In the whole service period ,our team leader can help you grasp the detail in a real time .

f. After accomplish the task ,COA and other related testing data will be sent to you . Once getting your confirmation and balance of the payment ,the products will be sent out . In case of quality discrepancy, the client shall, while keeping such products in secure and good condition, notify us the objection in written within 7 days of receipt of the products, the two parties should propose a concrete solving plans by communication .

g. Default responsibility :If assignee fails to complete the task in the certain time, the serving time can be postponed ,based on both agreement, or the client can cancel the order and make the advance payment restored .

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