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About Labter

LABTER PHARMTECH CO., LTD is committed to API,Ring of small molecular, Chiral Amines, chiral amino acids and Non-natural derivatives. Business scope:sales of New pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs , technical support and transfer.

We have a high-quality R&D team, including two D.P, three Senior Research Officers and some research assistants, possess 500 square metres of laboratories:five Synthetic laboratories and two testing laboratories and build a good business relationship with two chemical plants. We can grasp the new development trends of pharmaceutical and chemical industry thanks to the innovative high-quality talents with over ten years' experience of pharmaceutical industry technology research and development and project management.

Furthermore, we are confident to systematically manage projects, so that they can meet customer requirements in terms of quality, cost, safety, progress, etc.

With the value of "Serve industry, serve customer", the LABTERS are willing to take initiative, honor their commitments, guarantee quality and contributing to human health.

Our Purpose

Doing now what Pharmaceutical enterprises and research departments need next.

Our values

The three LABTER values—Integrity, Courage, and Innovation—are core to how we want to behave, as individuals and collectively as an organization.

• Integrity means we are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.

• Courage means we are entrepreneurial and thus take risks, reach beyond boundaries and experiment.

• Innovation means we use our mind ,drive and commitment to find the new procedure ,methods and products.

These values define fundamental attributes for guiding decisions and actions leading to increased innovation and business performance.

Contact Information

Mr Guo:18310155299